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LATEX environment for debiandoc


I notice some problem building PS and PDF from Debiandoc. I know latex
is used for these conversion for Latex. 

Simple question is "What environment do we need to use for debiandoc to
function properly for latex part?"

I am facing 3 different level of issues.:

1) Potato (Italian)
In potato chroot environment, I had problem with Italian but not in
English and French.  After running texconfig to set up hyphenation
properly from Italian, it seemed to be OK.

2) Woody (All)
In woody, English and French used to be OK but with recent unstable
update, it started to break even in English.

I know some line exceeds page width.  Is this very bad?

3) Race condition (PS)
I did noticed some unstable build of PS.  ( I avoided this at one
point by specifying out put of debiandoc2latexps to go to STDOUT and
redirected to a diffetent file name than default filename. Then next
step in Makefile to move to normal filename.  

In short:
$ debiandoc2latexps on file.en.sgml with -o -> STDOUT >file.ps
$ mv file.ps file.en.ps

Funny thing was during debiandoc2latexps script, files such as
file.en.ps was created even when -o option was used.

Some build script for PS by Adam Di Calro (Install?) had very
complicated build script for PS.  Do we still need to do it in woody or

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