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Re: Documentation help?

Kevin Cullis writes:
> I'm currently focusing on cataloging Linux Documentation and was
> wondering if Debian would like to adopt my cataloging system of Linux
> Documentation?  My web site will be up in the next couple of months, but
> you can get the jest of it here:
> http://www.linuxloc.com
> I'm categorizing all of the HOWTOs, man pages, etc into a system which
> will have five approaches to find an answer.

Hi Kevin,

I saw a post you made to the ldp-meta list. Are you planning to use
the Open Source Metadata Framework (OMF)?

This stuff looks pretty interesting, and potentially useful. Does it
require the creation of a separate OMF entry for each doc to be
catalogued? If so, do have a means to automate the process for

Since I package some docbook xml stuff for debian, I'm interested in
how we might make use of the OMF without increasing the
workload. (Hmm... sounds suspiciously like I'm asking for that elusive
free lunch again...)

> My intent is not to write the documentation, but provide a system
> whereby you can see what docs need to be produced by the gaps which are
> left.
Good luck! Sounds like a major undertaking.

> I look forward to hearing from you.



> Kevin Cullis
> Denver, CO USA


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