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Re: Installing Debian GNU/Linux document

>>>>> "Jor-el" == Jor-el  <jorel@ibm.net> writes:

Jor-el> Hi, I just received the Slink package sent to me via LSL. The
Jor-el> first thing that I noticed about the abovementioned document
Jor-el> (the title page says it is version, 07 March, 1999) is
Jor-el> that the page numbers referenced throughout the document (in
Jor-el> the contents as well as in the actual text) is wrong. For
Jor-el> instance, Chapter 5 is supposed to start at page 19 and starts
Jor-el> at page 24. Section 5.3.2 references the section 'Creating
Jor-el> Floppies from Disk Images' and says that it is on page 24. It
Jor-el> is on page 30.

Jor-el> 	This might very well be because the vendor (LSL, in
Jor-el> this case) has chosen to print the document in a different
Jor-el> font size than intended, thus causing less to be printed on a
Jor-el> page. However, I dont think this is the case because :
Jor-el> 	A more serious problem is the fact that the section
Jor-el> 'Creating Floppies from Disk Images' is listed in the Contents
Jor-el> as section 5.8.  Section 5.8 in the text is actually
Jor-el> 'Installation on Systems with Low Memory'. The abovementioned
Jor-el> topic is actually 5.9 in the text.. It looks very much like
Jor-el> someone added content to the document and made the elementary
Jor-el> mistake of not updating the refences and the Table of
Jor-el> Contents.

Look, there's no way this could be a problem in the source package,
which is just SGML.  The table of contents (TOC) is generated
automatically.  I suspect something went awry in how your vendor built
the documentation or something.

[checks own PDF files]

Doh!  My PDFs have this problem too!

Jor-el> 	I am more than willing to make the required changes to
Jor-el> the document, for flaws that I see based upon my
Jor-el> experience.

It's not the document -- something about the build process is fudged.
Let me look into it and try to fix it.

If you have other content changes you want fixed, let me know.  Diffs
against the SGML are the best way (cf
http://www.debian.org/releases/slink/source/ or get it from CVS).

I'll see if I can't fix the build process...

Jor-el> However, I do not want to be stepping on the toes
Jor-el> of the current maintainer of this package.  Also, do I need to
Jor-el> open a bug report for this?

Naw, consider this a bug report.

Jor-el> 	Please let me know whether I should modify this
Jor-el> document or not, and to whom I should send the changes to, if
Jor-el> so.

Changes should go to <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>, if you make any.

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