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a few ideas

Hi all,

I had time today and went to see what is happening with network
admin's manual, and to see how can I contribute.
First thing that struck me was that I had to type the entire
path to get to it, while I don't need to do it when I want to
fetch maint-guide. The name was particularly painful - I wonder
can we rename it to something shorter, like network-admin?

Anyhow, my idea was - since there are so many daemons for
all different purposes, would it be okay if I asked maintainers
of all the mentioned package what is the primary document that
needs to be read WRT their package, where can that documentaion be
found after installing the package, and what are the differences
between general setting up (as described in those documents) and
setting up after installing the Debian package? I suppose that if
anyone knows something about the subject, it is them, the maintainers.

Should I proceed with it?

BTW I read what is supposed to be Programmmers Manual. Unfortunately,
this document is way way behind others covering the same subject, and
Igor Grobman is gone. I feel that it would do more good if we removed
this document (and put it somewhere for archive), and moved Jaldhar
Vyas' deb-make manual in CVS - since if we are going to recommend
using deb-make for new maintainers let's do it with right manual 
(and the latter one just needs some polishing to be proper).

[please CC: me when replying]
enJoy -*/\*- http://jagor.srce.hr/~jrodin/

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