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Re: what will be on the web

On Mon, Mar 15, 1999 at 05:24:00PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> jr> Hi, My bandwidth to va finally got bearable so I checked all the
> jr> documents in the DDP CVS tree. Here's my list of impressions.
> I agree with most everything you say.

Good. However, as you have noticed, situation is not so peachy :(
We'll have to work something out soon.

> jr> Now, I have a few questions. Where is policy manual, packaging
> jr> manual? Where is the tutorial? I see no reason why they shouldn't
> jr> be in the CVS tree.
> They are in seperate packages.  I don't know if the current
> maintainers would want to use the DDP CVS area or not.  You'd have to
> just email them and ask.  I know Debian policy already has it's own
> area on cvs.debian.org.  As does 'tutorial'.
> I would imagine the tutorial should move to ddp area; I doubt
> debian-policy will since it really does stand alone in so many ways.
> I always thought that we should be able to cope with the fact that
> some documentation maintainers might not want to use the DDP cvs area.
> For instance, the debiandoc-sgml stuff is maintained with
> debiandoc-sgml sources by Ardo.  Still, we should be able to serve
> that up and cope.  It's a tough issue, though (we might have to resort
> to manual updating).

Hm, I'd agree with letting debiandoc-sgml stay standalone - it isn't
a SGML text afterall. The policy is important, probably the write
permissions on that are more strict...

Is packaging-manual in the same CVS sub-repository as policy?

However, I'll write to current maintainer of the tutorial and
let him know he's very welcome in DDP. I see no apparent reason
for the tutorial be left out of our effort.

> jr> And the-always-neccessary lamer question: who has write permission
> jr> in the CVS and on which documents?
> Anyone in group Debian on va, which is to say, any maintainer.

Oh dear, all the roots I know would choke to death now :)

OTOH it's nice for me to know that I can make instant changes
when I see something wrong in the docs. I intend to add notes
about maint-guide in some of the related manuals... propaganda ;)

If anyone has a problem with that, he can revert the patch
and/or talk to me.

enJoy -*/\*- http://jagor.srce.hr/~jrodin/

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