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what will be on the web


My bandwidth to va finally got bearable so I checked all the
documents in the DDP CVS tree. Here's my list of impressions.

The dictionary isn't ready. Network administrator manual
is half complete, as system administrator manual (which has
invalid $VERSION$ variable :( ).
BTW, What will happen with these two, will they continue to
reinvent hot water and describe everything already written (?)
by LDP people or will they be retargetted to Debian specific issues?
Authors, I assure you that I don't have interest in flaming,
I just want an answer.

The programmers manual is orphaned (Igor Grobman left), and
obsoleted by new maintainers' guide. The user guide is not
complete. Book suggestions doesn't seem complete to me.

The bugs manual seems okay, although it is outdated. The
meta manual is like that too.

Project history doesn't have accurate info on slink, but
it is good otherwise. New maintainers' guide is if I may say
almost done. Developer's reference is the best :)

Now, I have a few questions. Where is policy manual, packaging
manual? Where is the tutorial? I see no reason why they shouldn't
be in the CVS tree.

And the-always-neccessary lamer question: who has write permission
in the CVS and on which documents?

BTW Oliver, Adam, I hope you don't mind me CC:ing you, I thought
these things were important enough to raise your attention as
the coordinators.


enJoy -*/\*- http://jagor.srce.hr/~jrodin/

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