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Re: tutorial

On 25 Feb 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> > So, maybe some information relating to that kind of thing would fit
> > in here (if it isn't already someplace else : ) ).
> Um, your asking for more documentation about the "Ranish Partition
> Manager" and the "Advanced Boot Manager"?
> Is that software part of Debian?
> Is it free, as in the Debian Free Software Guidelines?

	RPM is a ms-dos utility, and shareware-- cardware for
	students-- as of its latest incarnation.  I'd suggest
	going to simtel.net and downloading the latest version
	if only to get the documentation.  It ought to work
	with linux, but the precise details of how it interacts
	with lilo or whether it simply substitutes for lilo
	escape me at the moment.  

   Mike Shupp
   California State University, Northridge
   Graduate Student, Dept. of Anthropology

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