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Re: tutorial

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999 00:16:19 -0800, Phil Newcombe <newcombe@uniserve.com> said:
> I have run into one situation I have not found an easy answer to
> anywhere yet: I used the Ranish Partition Manager to set up my hard
> drive for Linux and the Advanced Boot Manager to menu the boot
> options, so far without problem; but, when I installed Linux I chose
> to boot from a floppy as I did not want to risk the possibility of
> messing up the functionality of the rest of my system, fearing I
> might not be able to boot DOS or Windoze afterwards.

> The problem is now I want to boot from the hard drive, using a menu
> choice on the boot manager, but I can find no information about how
> to change from one boot method to another except for references to
> Lilo which I don't want to start messing around with now because I
> already spent a week messing around with the other one and it seems
> to be working really well and does everything.

> So, maybe some information relating to that kind of thing would fit
> in here (if it isn't already someplace else : ) ).

Um, your asking for more documentation about the "Ranish Partition
Manager" and the "Advanced Boot Manager"?

Is that software part of Debian?

Is it free, as in the Debian Free Software Guidelines?

Would any such documentation really be Debian specific, or just
specific to that software?

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