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Re: tutorial

> On 25 Feb 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>> Um, your asking for more documentation about the "Ranish Partition
>> Manager" and the "Advanced Boot Manager"?  Is that software part of
>> Debian?  Is it free, as in the Debian Free Software Guidelines?

>>>>> "mike" == mike shupp <ms44278@csun1.csun.edu> writes:
mike> 	RPM is a ms-dos utility, and shareware-- cardware for
mike> students-- as of its latest incarnation.  I'd suggest going to
mike> simtel.net and downloading the latest version if only to get the
mike> documentation.  It ought to work with linux, but the precise
mike> details of how it interacts with lilo or whether it simply
mike> substitutes for lilo escape me at the moment.

I wonder if there aren't any free alternatives.

I haven't used this utility, and I've never before heard of anyone
else using it.  If you write documentation for it and send me patches,
I'll be glad to include it, otherwise, it's unlikely to get added,
unless there's some compelling reason why it should.

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