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Promotional materials

Anyone in the mood for whipping up some promotional materials?  We could 
use that for shows etc. as well, and at present have absolutely zero.


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Subject: PROMOTION DEPT: Request brochures to show in our LINUX video (fwd)
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TO   : Sales/Promotions Department
FROM : ShareViews Video Tutor, Donald Bayomi
RE   :  RUSH request for brochures/demo disk to promote in our training

Hello, we produce training videos which we market to libraries, schools
and corporations throughout the USA, Canada and into parts of Asia.

We are about to begin filming a new video about Linux to show new
prospective users how to begin to get involved. "Starting Linux".

We plan to discuss the various distributions, discuss the benefits of
Linux, show an intallation and give practical advice on how to do
practical things like start/quit, get on the internet, type a letter,
manage files, use various Office packages and more.

We will show screenshots from the main Linux distributions and hope
to show some of the various Office packages, and commercial programs
that customers could later order.

Our ads will begin in Wired Magazine in April.
- --
We would like you to RUSH any promotional materials/Demo disks to our
address below so we could show them in the video.

Filming begins February 26, 1999.
(basically, it is a free commercial plug for your organization)

Our viewers will benefit by knowing that there are several options
available to them for Linux.

(Redhat, Slackware, Caldera, Suse, Debain)

Mail brochures/demo disks of Distribution/Office Packages :

ShareViews Video Tutor
5 Thackeray Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3K 0G9

Fax 1-204-831-5519
1-204-837-2639, 1-800-720-8889

Thanks, we look forward to showing off your companys materials.

PS: filming begins February 26, 1999

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