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Re: Notes for DDP writers

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> I've thought of another reason to object to generic Linux manuals
> being handled/written by Debian.  At some point soon (this year?
> next?)  Debian will no longer be specific to Linux; we will have
> Debian GNU/Hurd.  Others are considering Debian/Solaris distributions.
> Do you really wanna bite all that off?

There are two different dimensions here:
 - Debian GNU/xxx is a Debian GNU system and essentially similar
   for all kernels, except for issues directly relating to kernel
   or booting, i.e. most of current documentation only needs
   rewording to accommodate Hurd
 - Debian Solaris (if the implication by context holds) is a
   Debian packaged Solaris, which can have a different mix of
   SysV/BSD'isms and this affects administration and user level

Incidentally, there should be no need for generic *nix manuals
to be written for Linux, much less for Debian (this of course
includes installation manual) :-) The whole concept of many
manuals is ridiculous and contrary to unix philosophy: there
should be only One True Editor and no other editors shall be

The whole issue is of course moot: users need specific manuals
but writers should write generic ones. When this issue gets
resolved then writing manuals can start.

The above comments are unfair, of course, as were some of yours


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