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Re: Notes for DDP writers

On Mon, 15 Feb 1999 20:41:32 +0200, Arto Astala <arto.astala@ntc.nokia.com> said:
> Incidentally, there should be no need for generic *nix manuals to be
> written for Linux, much less for Debian

Could you expand on that?  I've heard RMS say all over the place that
GNU needs more quality documentation.

> (this of course includes installation manual) :-)

Hey, don't I know it.  The Installation Manual is full of reduncancy,
replication, and extra effort.  And it's way to big.  I just wish we
lived in a world of micro-document sharing where I could grab bits of
documents from here and there and put it all together.  Anyhow, yes,
new users need simple presentations of manuals in single "one-stop"

> The whole concept of many manuals is ridiculous and contrary to unix
> philosophy: there should be only One True Editor and no other
> editors shall be developed.

What? I thought the Unix philosophy is many small tools; would that
mean, many small manuals?  Can you stack them up in a pipeline?

> The whole issue is of course moot: users need specific manuals but
> writers should write generic ones. When this issue gets resolved
> then writing manuals can start.

> The above comments are unfair, of course, as were some of yours
> earlier.

Unfair or not, I wish I understood exactly what your point is here...?

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