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Re: Comments on Debian Tutorial, patches.

> Here are comments and patches to Debian Tutorial, created with diff.

Did you use a reverse diff?

< 	FIXME: Link to installation manual? Development version, and where 
< 	it is supposed to be when it is complete. 

This of course varies per release.  It will be linkable from
www.debian.org/2.1/, I believe.  Currently the location is
http://www.debian.org/2.0/install, but that is for hamm.  It will be
slightly different for slink since we have different flavors based on
architecture now, and four different architectures.

<       <p>Please send comments about this manual to the Debian
>       <p>Please send comments about this manual tothe Debian

Either you are trying to introduce typos or you are using diff

< 	  lower prices. Solaris 7 is available for the cost of media,
< shipping and handling for non-commercial use, see
< http://www.sun.com/solaris/freesolaris.html .

Why are you giving Sun free advertising?

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