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Re^2: Will docbase find existing docreg files ?

Am 09.08.98 schrieb apharris # burrito.onshore.com ...

Moin Adam!

APH> Actually, it's irrelevant where the files are installed, so long as

Well, there#re name space problems with this solution.

APH> It assumes that (a) files are .dhelp files, (which is wrong), (b)
APH> metadata is installed under /usr/doc (which is not required, and also

Of course it#s required.

APH> wrong, i.e., the local sysadmin should be able to maintain metadata
APH> under /usr/local or /opt or whatever they feel like), and (c) that

This is not possible with the /var solution. And at the moment I#m talking  
only about the Debian documentation.

APH> metadata files are immediately recognizable by their filename, which
APH> is currently not required,

??? .docreg has to be part of the filename.

APH> and (d) all recognizable docreg files are
APH> meant to bbe installed (say, running 'locate .docreg' might turn up
APH> files, say checked out copies from a cvs repository; obviously
APH> checking in all files turned up by 'locate .docreg' would be
APH> non-robust).

That#s right. At this problem will be fixed by your doc-base system :).  
You have mentioned that you will store the the filenames of the installed  
docreg files. Right?

That your package could offer a -r option. If the user users this option,  
your program could call a registered dhelp script. This script will use  
option -a of dhelp to add all registered .docreg files to a new db. Is  
that ok?

APH> My solution is, as I said, to maintain a list of installed docreg
APH> files in /var/state/metadata/docreg_files .  What maintains the list?


cu, Marco

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