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Re^2: Debian Metadata Proposal -- draft rev.1.4

Am 07.07.98 schrieb apharris # burrito.onshore.com ...

Moin Adam!

APH> One curious issue is the language, for, say content negotiated web
APH> pages.  Thoughts?

Yes, locally we will no use them. For URLs to for example www.debian.org  
we could have several entries like for a translated document:

Identifier: http://www.debian.org
Language: en
Title: Debian page

Identifier: http://www.de.debian.org
Language: de
Titlte: Debian Seite
IsRelatedTo: http://www.debian.org

APH> Not marked up at all, although it could be indicated as charset in the
APH> format field.  Do we need to encode the charset?

No, every language should be allowed to use only one know charset. In a  
lot of cases it#s not possible to show several different char sets on one  

This will be a real problem for dhelp. You can I display the description  
of English and Chinese documents on one page? Does anyone has experiences  
with that?

cu, Marco

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