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Re: DebianDoc postscript output

Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> writes:

> On Sun, Jul 05, 1998 at 11:18:58PM -0400, Adam P. Harris wrote:
> > Ardo van Rangelrooij <ardo.van.rangelrooij@tip.nl> writes:
> > > As part of the move to DocBook the SGML-Tools people are also
> > > developing a GROFF back-end for jade and donating that (of course)
> > > back to the jade people.  They use that back-end to get ASCII via
> > > GROFF.  This all is planned to be available also in late fall.
> > 
> > Excellent news!  Maybe I should learn DSSSL and make a debiandoc-sgml
> > DSSSL stylesheet.
> How complex is debiandoc-sgml (shame on me, I didn't investigate yet --- I
> just copied). If it isn't too complex, I may be able to do it, as I'll learn
> DSSSL anyway (would be a nice project to begin with).
> "Late fall" seems to be a perfect deadline for this :)

have a look at the docbook-stylesheets an delete the unnesseary tags ...

apharris@burrito.onshore.com (Adam P. Harris) writes:

> Package: jadetex
> Version: 0.61-1.2
> Severity: wishlist
> jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl writes:
> > On Sun, Jul 05, 1998 at 11:18:58PM -0400, Adam P. Harris wrote:
> > > Now if someone would only donate a PDF backend to jade....
> > 
> > Maybe I'm missing something, but jade produces (La)TeX output,
> > right? The teTeX beta we have has at least two ways in which (La)TeX
> > input can be used to produce PDF:
> > - pdf(la)tex
> > - using PostScript fonts (e.g. \usepackage{times}), dvips, then
> >   ps2pdf from ghostscript
> >  
> > \usepackage{hyperref} will automagically make hyperlinks for things
> > like the table of contents, \ref etc. It contains macros you can use
> > to set up your own links.
> Hmm.  jade produces TeX for use in conjunction with a special
> macroset, jadetex.  I do not think this macroset supports the advanced
> PDF features you so skillfully point out, though it should.  Since it
> is not straight LaTeX, I don't think you can just shove hyperref in
> there and have it work, but I'm not sure.
> This needs further investigation. I *know* for a fact that the PDF
> produced does not contain hyperlinking functionality.  Therefore, this
> message is a wishlist bugreport against jadetex.  I don't think the
> package is actively maintained, but someone should talk to the
> upstream maintainer.

please, first look in the READMEs - IMHO there is a way to pdf
mentioned (the above one are looking good IMHO ...)

(btw. are you now maintaining jadetex? - there was a new announcement
of jadetex which would be able to deal with tables - huray!)


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