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Re^2: DebianDoc postscript output

Am 06.07.98 schrieb jdassen # wi.leidenuniv.nl ...

Moin jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl!

j> Maybe I'm missing something, but jade produces (La)TeX output, right? The

No, it produces TeX but not LaTeX code and the results looks very bad. I  
hope that the sgml-tools team will improve that.

j> teTeX beta we have has at least two ways in which (La)TeX input can be used
j> to produce PDF:
j> - pdf(la)tex
j> - using PostScript fonts (e.g. \usepackage{times}), dvips, then ps2pdf from
j>   ghostscript

The German HOWTO project uses the second solution. This works good, but  
you can use only the standard PS fonts: Courier, Times. The PDF support of  
Ghostscript is very limited

j> \usepackage{hyperref} will automagically make hyperlinks for things like
j> the table of contents, \ref etc. It contains macros you can use to set up
j> your own links.

Does this package work? Last time I tried it, it produces nonsense.

cu, Marco

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