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Translations into German of Debian stuff

Hi all,

my name is Olaf Niepolt, and I'd like to help the Debian people by
translating some of the user documentation into German.

Rationale: None so far :-) -- It's just an idea, you know. I'm a
translator (by profession if you like), but I realized that I won't be
hacker -- ever. In any case I'm glad to discuss with you the usefulness
(and feasability) of such documents being translated at all.

I have already contacted Christian Schwarz, who reacted quite positively
to the idea, and (of course) recommended joining this list. So here I am

If there are no objections, I would like to see come forward at least
some of the people who have written/are currently working on a
reasonably important piece of user or admin (but _not_ development)
related Debian documentation -- preferably some introductory material --
telling me which of the texts would have to be worked on first, in their
view. Or rather, it'd be nice if a consensus could be reached on which
are those important texts, and which could/have to be postponed/skipped.
What do you think?

I said "preferably some introductory material" because I believe that:
a) the need for non-Engl. documentation will be strongest in the case of
first-time users, people who are switching from DOS etc., c) thus
installation and basic user/admin instructions are needed before
anything else, d) I'm a Debian newbie myself, so I'd like to start out
on something easy ;~\

When I visited http://www.debian.org/international.html ("Debian goes
international"), I noticed that the only thing published in G so far was
the Social Contract, and I thought I might translate the Installation
Guide first. But maybe you have a very different opinion. In any case
pls. bear in mind that I'm not aware of the consequences that the
release of a new Debian version might have on this Guide or on any other
documentation, or whether any documents are out of date even today, etc.
etc. (see below).

I definitely need some guidance here, as I've only recently installed
Debian on a laptop that I got, with my main system (still) being SuSE.
Which means that I don't know the innards of the Debian distribution,
its version history etc. (I do have a fair amount of general Linux
knowledge, though, having used it for about 1 1/2 years...).

Of course I'd also like to hear from anyone who's currently working on a
similar xlation project, to avoid any duplication of effort. Christian
S. told me that Christian Leutloff has been working on the User Manual
for some time (hey Christian L., writing to you soon!!!), but he's not
too sure about that.

Also: Who has translated the Social Contract into G? -- Unfortunately,
no credit/email is given at

OK, for now I'm awaiting your comments and suggestions, meanwhile I will
be browsing the Debian documentation available on the net, and try to
install some related tools.

Lotsa greetings from Berlin,

-- Olaf

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