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Re^2: Debian Documentation Hierarchy

Am 27.04.98 schrieb apharris # burrito.onshore.com ...

Moin Adam!

APH> * modularity of design; no hardcoded knowledge of various
APH>   documentation display systems (info, dwww, dhelp)
APH> * ease of use by debian package developers (i.e., in maintainer scripts)
APH> * utmost rebustness in the face of package remove, purging,
APH>   reinstallation, multiply shared /usr or /usr/doc dirs, etc.
APH> * minimize system impact for end-user (i.e., installation speed)


APH> This type of arrangement would decouple doc-base from the dww/dhelp,
APH> i.e., if dhelp_parse syntax changed right now, I'd have to re-release
APH> doc-base to accomodate that, which is sub-optimal.

That#s right.

APH> I currently believe that document language is an attribute of a
APH> particular flavor of a document, and as such it should be handled as
APH> such in the docid registration file.  Display issues, again, are my
APH> least concern right now; I want to *enable* radically effective
APH> display systems, without actually telling them how they should go
APH> about it.

Ok, let#s start the discussion on the file format. I#ve downloaded your  
doc-base 0.6 package and read the file format description of doc-base. We  
could use that as basis for our file format.

doc-base 0.6 doesn#t work on my system. I#ve send you a bug report. And  
I#ve uploaded dhelp 0.3.7 to fix you dhelp_parse problem. I hope this will  
fix your problem.

APH> if a system which provides documentation complying with the guideline,
APH> is it ok to submit a bug?  If so, at this point, you could file your
APH> "pre-rolled" docreg files for various packages as bugs (with patch
APH> included) against the packages themselves.

Nice idea.

cu, Marco

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