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Re: another user manual chapter


karlheg@bittersweet.inetarena.com (Karl M. Hegbloom) writes:

>  Have you seen that `Doctor Linux' book?  A thing I like about it is
>  the dictionary-style markings on the edges of the pages meant to make
>  it easier to thumb to a given section.  Perhaps the printed material
>  could have something like that?  How hard is that to do with the
>  tools you are using, I wonder.  Somebody out there must be a student
>  of that and need a project.

I'ven't seen this book, but I'm familiar with the marking style and 
I like the idea of having this.  I'll contact the debiandoc-sgml
responsibles to find out what we can do with this. 



Ardo van Rangelrooij
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