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Re: User manual: basic commands chapter


I have a few suggestions for your chapter after the next few paragraphs.
Nice job on the doc.

Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I am new to debian doc.
Is the basic_cmds.sgml a file that would go on the web site? I would assume
so. If this is the case, I am wondering if the use of bold for commands or
the use of section headings would improve the readability of the document.
If doc writers had a standard format to follow when writing docs, the team
would produce uniformly looking docs.

Another suggestion would be to use some type of standard warning (whether a
gif w/alternate text say, ALT="WARNING") in commands that you should be
careful; I am thinking of recursive deletes, inappropriate shutdown, etc.

At 7:20 PM 12/8/97, Oliver Elphick wrote:
>Here is my first draft of the basic commands chapter, on which I
>invite comments, on both form and content.
>The debiandoc2text output is first and then the SGML source.

>     zgrep <compressed_file>
>          zless does the same job as less, but uncompresses
>          <compressed_file> first, without changing it on the disk.

You forgot to change zless & less, to zgrep & grep after copying the
description of zgrep from zless'.

> Printing files
        Do you need to mention here, that this section assumes that you
have successfully setup printing on your system?

> Turning off the computer
>     shutdown -t 0 -h now
>          This command shuts the computer down safely. You can also use
>          ctrl-alt-del if your system is set up for that. Never turn off a
>          Unix machine without doing a safe shutdown: otherwise you will
>          damage your filesystems.

I wonder if it is a good thing to tell users that they can also use
ctrl-alt-del to also shutdown their system? Suppose the user doesn't
remember whether they set up their system for C+A+D. It seems that they
would do more harm to their system by trying C+A+D if the event they had
not set this option. Alternatively, is there a way that users could tell
whether they have set this option? If so, then you could perhaps mention it
in this section.

That's all. Looks good.


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