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Re: limitations of debiandoc.dtd

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

> This weekend I worked on updating my introduction to packaging.  It has a
> new name (Minimum Deb :-), all the corrections and emendations people were
> asking for, now uses debhelper instead of debmake, and has a section on
> shared libraries.
> Another thing I did which is the point of this message is to convert it to
> SGML.  However I'm not happy with the results as several things seem to be
> missing from the debiandoc DTD as far as I can tell.
> 1.  Tables.  This is a major problem as I have been using tables freely.
> 2.  Bold text.
> 3.  HTTP links.  There's support for FTP links, could this not be
>     generalized to all url types?
> Isn't this a little lacking in functionality?  (I'm not asking for the
> <blink> tag or anything :-)

Yes, obviously we could need some more functionality. I've handed the
package back to Ian since I didn't had time to do any development on it. I
haven't talked to Ian about this yet, but I'm sure that he'd appreciate
some patches...

Anyways, I've already reported request #2 and #3 as "wish-list" bug
reports against debiandoc-sgml a few weeks ago. If you want, you could
report #1 as well (it might be good if you could make a proposal how you
would like the <table> tag to work).



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