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limitations of debiandoc.dtd

This weekend I worked on updating my introduction to packaging.  It has a
new name (Minimum Deb :-), all the corrections and emendations people were
asking for, now uses debhelper instead of debmake, and has a section on
shared libraries.

Another thing I did which is the point of this message is to convert it to
SGML.  However I'm not happy with the results as several things seem to be
missing from the debiandoc DTD as far as I can tell.

1.  Tables.  This is a major problem as I have been using tables freely.

2.  Bold text.

3.  HTTP links.  There's support for FTP links, could this not be
    generalized to all url types?

Isn't this a little lacking in functionality?  (I'm not asking for the
<blink> tag or anything :-)

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@braincells.com>

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