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Re: changes to the FAQ

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, James A.Treacy wrote:

> I didn't know that a new version of the FAQ had been released so
> the web pages still had a year old version. I have set up a cron
> job to automatically mirror the FAQ from the Debian Documentation
> Project site.

Does that mean you mirror the pages from fatman? I'm not sure I keep my
pages always up-to-date either... :-)

I just checked this out and it seems as we have different versions
floating around :-) I think the "master" version is kept in the doc-debian
package. If this is true, you should probably use this as a reference for
the web pages.

Then, we have copies at

      doc-debian                          version 1997-11-28
      www.debian.org                      (don't know)
      fatman, DDP home-page               version 01 May 1997
                             ps           version 01 May 1997
                             html         version 01 May 1997
			     txt          version 28 December 1996
                             info         (unknown)

Susan, can you comment on this? 

Santiago, I remember that you wanted to do some improvements on the FAQ.
If so, it would be nice if you could fix the package so that all formats
are actually uploaded to ftp.debian.org, too. (From the above, it looks
like the txt file hasn't been updated last time.) 

I still think that the FAQ is currently the most important part of
Debian's documentation. Thus, we should probably try to find a few
volunteers to update the manual periodically--in case the old maintainers
don't have time to do this. (We have currently a lot of people working on
the User's Manual so it should be possible to find a person to maintain
the FAQ.)



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