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Re: Control header sent with done email didn't do what I expected, should it have?

* Jonathan Kamens <jik@kamens.us> [230925 12:56]:
> Closed bugs are available for direct search for 30 days after they're
> closed.
> After that you can still search them by selecting either "Archived" or
> "Archived and Unarchived" under "Misc Options" on the search page.

Except that in the general case, this is not very useful for avoiding
the duplicated filing of a bug that has already been discussed and

> All that aside, in this particular case I closed the bug because it wasn't
> actually a bug, but rather a PEBKAC issue (user complaining that a program
> wasn't respecting his locale when he had LC_ALL set to "C" so he was
> essentially telling the program to ignore his locale).

That is a very good reason to close the bug.  Your original message did
not refer to the bug or even the package, so I had no knowledge of the


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