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Re: Control header sent with done email didn't do what I expected, should it have?

Closed bugs are available for direct search for 30 days after they're closed.

After that you can still search them by selecting either "Archived" or "Archived and Unarchived" under "Misc Options" on the search page.

All that aside, in this particular case I closed the bug because it wasn't actually a bug, but rather a PEBKAC issue (user complaining that a program wasn't respecting his locale when he had LC_ALL set to "C" so he was essentially telling the program to ignore his locale).


On 9/25/23 12:13, Marvin Renich wrote:
* Jonathan Kamens <jik@kamens.us> [230925 07:17]:
Hi all,

I recently tried to close a bug, explain why, and set a "wontfix" tag all at
once by sending my explanation to ###-done@bugs.debian.org with "Control:
tags ### wontfix" as the first line of my message body. The bug was closed
but the tags command wasn't processed.
I've seen differing opinions about closing "wontfix" bugs, but as a
user, I appreciate when they are left open.  Whether it is a simple
wishlist feature request or a crash when the user abuses the software,
if I go to file the same or similar bug at a later time, if the bug is
closed I will not see it and file a duplicate.  If it is left open, I
can see the maintainer has already thought about it and intentionally
decided not to fix it, so I can save the trouble of refiling.  Also, I
might gain some insight about the circumstances.


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