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Re: Control header sent with done email didn't do what I expected, should it have?

* Jonathan Kamens <jik@kamens.us> [230925 07:17]:
> Hi all,
> I recently tried to close a bug, explain why, and set a "wontfix" tag all at
> once by sending my explanation to ###-done@bugs.debian.org with "Control:
> tags ### wontfix" as the first line of my message body. The bug was closed
> but the tags command wasn't processed.

I've seen differing opinions about closing "wontfix" bugs, but as a
user, I appreciate when they are left open.  Whether it is a simple
wishlist feature request or a crash when the user abuses the software,
if I go to file the same or similar bug at a later time, if the bug is
closed I will not see it and file a duplicate.  If it is left open, I
can see the maintainer has already thought about it and intentionally
decided not to fix it, so I can save the trouble of refiling.  Also, I
might gain some insight about the circumstances.


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