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Re: Control header sent with done email didn't do what I expected, should it have?

The documentation you inked to does not specify a tag that can be used specifically to mark something as not actually a bug.

That documentation does say the following about the "wontfix" tag (emphasis added by me):

This bug won't be fixed. Possibly because this is a choice between two arbitrary ways of doing things and the maintainer and submitter prefer different ways of doing things, possibly because changing the behaviour will cause other, worse, problems for others, or possibly for other reasons.

"I don't consider this a bug" seems, to me, to fit under "other reasons."

Is there some harm that is done by marking a bug that falls into this category with "wontfix"?


On 9/25/23 13:40, Andrey Rakhmatullin wrote:
On Mon, Sep 25, 2023 at 12:55:16PM -0400, Jonathan Kamens wrote:
All that aside, in this particular case I closed the bug because it wasn't
actually a bug, but rather a PEBKAC issue (user complaining that a program
wasn't respecting his locale when he had LC_ALL set to "C" so he was
essentially telling the program to ignore his locale).
wontfix is a wrong tag for such bugs according to
https://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer#tags though.

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