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how-can-i-help by default [Re: lpr/lpd]


On 9/25/23 14:08, Paul Wise wrote:

The problem with that approach is that the help needed information
changes independently to packages, so the information will get very out
of date in between point releases, which is why how-can-i-help does
online checks. If desired, it would be easy to have an apt update hook
that would download the data from UDD so that how-can-i-help can work
offline when the network is available.

Yes, that's why I thought of using indices/ -- there are already Maintainers and Uploaders files in there that I'd expect are also meant to change independently from Packages. The indices/ directory seems to be available on most if not all mirrors as well, so putting it there would not put unnecessary strain on UDD.

My proposal is to display the list of RFA/O packages installed on the system by default as part of the after-installation summary, because we currently have no way of reaching users of at-risk packages before the package is removed, and I would like to change that.


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