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Re: Questionable Package Present in Debian: fortune-mod

On Mon, Sep 25, 2023 at 08:32:29AM +0200, Sven Bartscher wrote:

Am 24.09.23 um 18:41 schrieb Salvo Tomaselli:
Without an ftpteam hat on, but my point of view -- I believe the team
would absolutely reject a package only based on its name (see:

Not very consistently though:

$ apt search penis | grep penis | wc -l

Can you please clarify what problem you see with these package names? The results I get for this search are:

apt search penis | grep --color penis

Isn't penis the thing males hold in their hand when they urinate? Are we going
to exclude any term relating to fundamental biological functions in Debian? I
cannot believe I see this happening here.

As a (maybe already too old, for nowadays standards) biologist, I find this
upsetting that were are looking for this kind of silly things instead of doing
computer-related work.


A Debian developer who is not sexist, rather, more inclined to altruism and
inclusiveness than not... but... not looking for things that do not deserve our


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