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Re: key packages RC bugs of the month September

Hi all,

On 01-09-2022 21:10, Rene Engelhard wrote:
This either should be ignored (like for bullseye) or downgrade, imho, but I didn't do it myself. I don't think there's anything actionable here...

On 01-09-2022 16:52, Simon McVittie wrote:
>> #919914	gnome-settings-daemon
>> gnome-tweaks now equates "don't suspend on lid close" with "don't lock on
>> lid close" (security issue)
>> https://bugs.debian.org/919914
> Honestly, I don't think this one is really RC. The
> bug reporter asserts that it's a RC security issue,
> but there are two contradictory user expectations (summary at
> https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-settings-daemon/-/merge_requests/84#note_502354)
> and the current behaviour has been the same since Debian 10 if I'm
> reading the bug history correctly.

If I read these correctly, this is exactly the kind of action that a maintainer can take to make the release process smoother. If *you* as a maintainer think the bug shouldn't be RC, by all means downgrade it (ideally with an explanation just in case it's disputed later on). The Release Team doesn't *want* to go over all RC bugs and decide to ignore them, we don't have the intimate knowledge of your package to judge and it takes time to build up enough knowledge to make the judgement call. If it's disputed, we can judge it (and raise severity if needed) later on with our Release Team member hat on, but the first call is on the maintainer.



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