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key packages RC bugs of the month September

Dear all,

In the same theme as my earlier message [0], I like to ask you to please spend some time triaging (and ideally solving) old RC bugs. Some packages you may care about were removed from testing because the maintainer didn't triage or fix the bug. And then there's key packages...

As a Release Team member, I'm concerned about RC bugs for key packages [1] that don't get fixed in a timely manner. It's rather trivial to remove non-key packages from testing (albeit that not being nice) while removing key packages is difficult or impossible without making bookworm useless. As the threat of autoremoval isn't there, there's quite a bunch of RC bugs in key packages affecting testing that linger without a resolution. As the freeze is drawing nearer I'd like to try an experiment: I'd like to present to you on a monthly basis the "key packages RC bugs of the month" in the hope to draw some attention to this class of bugs. Remember, fixing these bugs is a collective effort.

I am asking for help with investigating RC bug reports, judging severity, reproducing the issue, clarifying the problem, i.e. bug triaging of all RC bugs that haven't seen activity for a while and that are still affecting bookworm. Of course ideally the bug gets fixed. To give examples, I mention 5 bugs below, next month hope I'll mail 5 other ones.

The full list I use to check for RC bugs in key packages can be found at [2].

#919296 git-daemon-run
fails with 'warning: git-daemon: unable to open supervise/ok: file does not exist'

#919914	gnome-settings-daemon
gnome-tweaks now equates "don't suspend on lid close" with "don't lock on lid close" (security issue)

#960679 src:fontconfig
strict dependency of arch:any libfontconfig1 on arch:all fontconfig-config going wrong

#935182 libreoffice-core
Concurrent file open on the same host results file deletion

#944871 src:docbook-xsl
readds catalogs to the super catalog on every upgrade


[0] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2022/07/msg00133.html
[1] https://release.debian.org/key-packages.html
[2] https://udd.debian.org/dev/bugs.cgi?release=bookworm_and_sid&merged=ign&keypackages=only&fnewerval=7&flastmodval=7&rc=1&ctags=1&cdeferred=1&clastupload=1&cwhykey=1&sortby=last_modified&sorto=asc&format=html#results

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