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Re: XFCE4 notes

On Tue, 20 Jul 2021 at 00:09:32 +0100, Wookey wrote:
> I see that the reason is given in https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=955349
> 'uses unmaintained libunique'.
> Any further comments on what would be required to get this back?  Was
> libunique actually broken/a problem, or merely unmaintained? 

It had been unmaintained upstream for more than a decade, and depended
on GTK 2 which is now unmaintained too. I don't know to what extent it
was a practical problem, but keeping unmaintained software in Debian
forever doesn't scale well.

> Is there something else one should use to do the same job, in which
> case maybe the best thing is to update xfce-notes-plugin to use it?

The replacement for libunique is GApplication, which is part of GLib,
a library that libunique already depends on.

According to the ChangeLog in the version of xfce4-notes-plugin in
experimental, the necessary work was done during 2013, as part of
converting it from GTK 2 to GTK 3.

(Strictly speaking, the replacement for libunique was libunique3,
a straightforward port of libunique to GTK 3, which was removed from
Debian in 2017, and the replacement for libunique3 is GApplication -
but moving directly from libunique to GApplication without going via
libunique3 makes a lot of sense.)

> Assuming that's not too difficult I don't mind doing some work to get
> it back in a ship-able state.

Please try the version in experimental.

This seems unlikely to be shippable in bullseye - shortly after the full
freeze is not really the ideal point at which to be noticing this for
the first time - but will presumably be in bookworm.


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