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Re: How to commit a new architecture like RISC-V

On Sat, May 22, 2021 at 2:57 AM zhangjialing wrote:

> 1. is it necessary to adapt rebootstrap ?

Yes, it is fairly essential to have an automatic bootstrap, so you can
continually fix problems that arise with the bootstrap process as
Debian evolves.

> 2. after adapt rebootstrap,what is the next. I want to know the full
> process for a new architecture do a debian port.

The steps are essentially documented in the port template wiki page,
but I have rewritten the page into some clearer text here:

Assemble a team of people working on the architecture and find a
sponsor for the team so they can work full time.

Decide on the GNU triplet, Debian multiarch tuple, Debian architecture
name and Debian end-user architecture name. Get these details included
in the projects for them: GNU config, the multi-arch wiki, dpkg and
the Debian website.


Register the port on the Debian wiki, replace example64 throughout the
page with the chosen architecture name and fill out as many details as
you have.


Summarise the details of the architecture and ABI on the arch summary wiki page:


Get the patches supporting the port included into the binutils, gcc,
gdb, qemu, glibc, linux upstream projects.

Get the architecture supported in rebootstrap:


Finalise the ABI and CPU baseline requirements.

Keep working on the bootstrap process using rebootstrap and manual
bootstrapping until you get all of build-essential built and
installable with debootstrap.


Setup communication channels for the architecture, such as a mailing
list and IRC channel.


> 3. in  our local environment, we already have a Debian port based on
> loongarch64. Will this help the port work.

This will help because



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