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Re: How to commit a new architecture like RISC-V

在 2021/5/19 下午6:47, Helmut Grohne 写道:

On Wed, May 19, 2021 at 03:22:32PM +0800, zhangjialing wrote:
The upsteam work is working on, But it is slow ,We can provide the patch and
the apt  repo.
Thank you for providing the answers on list.

   * What is the gnu triplet used for the port?
   * How many bits? Endianess?
64 bits,Little Endian
Sounds sane to me.

   * What is the state of binutils support?
   2.31.1-16 , patch can provide
I'm unsure what you mean precisely here. It reads as if the architecture
support was included in 2.31.1-16, but when I attempt to build it with
2.36.1-6, I get

the upstream is not support now , the patch is in our local repository.

| checking target system type... Invalid configuration `loongarch64-linux-gnu': machine `loongarch64-unknown' not recognized

I guess that you mean that you have based your work on 2.31.1-16 and you
created a patch against that version. I fear this is not something we
can work with. You need to mainline your work first. Only then can
Debian be bootstrapped in a reasonable way.

When describing "what is the state of ... support?", please tell:
   * If the support is upstreamed, since which version?
   * If not, are patches posted? Where?
   * If not, is support implemented in some fork? Where?
now the upstream is not support , How can I provides the source or the patch for debian.

Please re-answer the questions about tooling support. This time, please
really answer the three questions above for each upstream project
(binutils, gcc, linux, glibc). Please do include references to public
online resources if available.

I fear that trying to bootstrap Debian for an architecture where the
toolchain support is not mainline is not an effective use of everyone's
time. We've tried that for or1k and it failed. Let's not repeat that.
Really do focus on mainlining first. Doing so helps not just Debian.
You'll also make it far easier to add support for e.g. Yocto or PtxDist.

At a bare minimum, we'd need patches that apply to the versions in


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