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Re: How to commit a new architecture like RISC-V


On Tue, May 11, 2021 at 05:41:35PM +0800, zhangjialing wrote:
>    We have a new architecture , We have compiled a lot of packages.Now the system can work normally .
>    We want to submit to debian like RISC-V. Please What documents(or others) can we refer to.

I think that recent port bootstrapping efforts have been performed using

>    I want to know the submission process and documents.I know RISC-V has done it ,but I do not know how to begain  and what can referance.

Please follow up on this email thread with the following information:

 * What is the gnu triplet used for the port?
 * How many bits? Endianess?
 * What is the state of binutils support?
 * What is the state of gcc support?
 * What is the state of linux support?
 * What is the state of glibc support?
 * Do you have a preferred architecture name already?

When describing "what is the state of ... support?", please tell:
 * If the support is upstreamed, since which version?
 * If not, are patches posted? Where?
 * If not, is support implemented in some fork? Where?

Once we got answers to all these, I suppose that extending rebootstrap
to support your architecture is the next step. Once finished, you get to
manually fill in the gaps and roughly end up with something close to
build-essential. Using that, you'll set up a native build system and
build the rest of the archive. In the process, you'll break build
dependency cycles using various means. The most common ones are nocheck
builds and cross compilation.

If you do irc, join #debian-bootstrap on oftc. Cross-bootstrap related
matters are best directed at debian-cross@lists.debian.org.


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