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Re: Cancel "culture" is a threat to Debian


Le mar. 30 mars 2021 à 12:49, Gard Spreemann <gspr@nonempty.org> a écrit :

In order to calibrate what is considered merely "a foolish thing said"
from your perspective, I feel a need to ask: what is, from your
perspective, the least of the sufficiently bad things that a person can
do in order for Debian to officially call out said person's behavior?
What is (roughly) the smallest offense that *you* would consider too bad
for Debian to accept?

You're asking the wrong question: should Debian do anything about people outside doing things outside?

Now, if Debian does things with the FSF, then we can ask whether to go on or not, and that is a relevant issue. And let's be clear : the question is "go on or stop that specific common thing", not "ask the FSF to do whatever we want".


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