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Re: [External] Re: Lenovo discount portal update (and a few other things)

On Thu, 2020-09-03 at 15:18 -0400, Mark Pearson wrote: 

> For DSA - I'm assuming all role addresses have members behind it with 
> debian addresses? "Please don't register on the portal with role 
> addresses" would seem a sensible guideline to me.

I just took a look at the aliases repo and most of them are solely
Debian members but some have folks who are not yet Debian members and
at least one has no Debian members on it.

> If there is a group missing that it makes sense to add we can look at 
> that - let me know. Using the debian.org email as a filter seemed like a 
> neat and simple solution when I discussed it with Jonathan originally.
> I'd rather avoid having to manage lists of individual email addresses. 
> That's a real pain and IMO will only break in the long term.
> Open to other suggestions if what we have implemented doesn't work but 
> it has to be balanced with the amount of effort involved.

If you are able to regularly automatically load and process a file,
there is one containing a list of Debian Maintainers, including an
email address that they use in their Debian work. IIRC this list is
regularly pruned by Debian when folks stop contributing. Probably
updating your copy of it daily would be regular enough.




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