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Re: debdocker - A Debian docker-based personal builder

On 6/27/20 06:08, Samo Pogačnik wrote:

I am preparing a packaging support tool similar to pbuilder, except that it uses
docker containers instead of chroot environments. The project is available here:

The tool is very immature, but already useful to me. I would like to hear any
thoughts and comments regarding the tool in general and regarding its user

Quick reference (running out of cloned project - no warranties!):
1. Help:
$ ./debdocker --help [command]
$ man ./share/man/man8/debdocker.8

2. Create initial base and devel docker images for i.e. debian:sid, which uses
'debootstrap' for base image like in 'pbuilder'. It creates base directory and
archive in the supplied path (i.e. ../ in the example):
$ sudo ./debdocker create debian:sid all ../ http://deb.debian.org/debian

3. Get a source package (i.e. in ../ use 'dget -d...).

4. Build a package, which creates additional (i.e. debian:sid-package_devel)
docker image with installed package's build deps (it is reused while working on
the same package):
$ ./debdocker build debian:sid ../package_*.dsc

5. You can also build extracted (or cloned) sources providing their path instead
of the 'dsc_file'. There is also a possibility to enter containers (see the
'enter' command)...

6. Building an initial 'debdocker' debian package is supported in the project.

thanks, Samo

Hi Samo,

Long time ago I wrote something similar from a very simple bash script. Maybe it would be worth it to check it out.

Is really simple and short. Let me know if you have any question. I'm happy to help.


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