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debdocker - A Debian docker-based personal builder


I am preparing a packaging support tool similar to pbuilder, except that it uses
docker containers instead of chroot environments. The project is available here:

The tool is very immature, but already useful to me. I would like to hear any
thoughts and comments regarding the tool in general and regarding its user

Quick reference (running out of cloned project - no warranties!):
1. Help:
$ ./debdocker --help [command]
$ man ./share/man/man8/debdocker.8

2. Create initial base and devel docker images for i.e. debian:sid, which uses
'debootstrap' for base image like in 'pbuilder'. It creates base directory and
archive in the supplied path (i.e. ../ in the example):
$ sudo ./debdocker create debian:sid all ../ http://deb.debian.org/debian

3. Get a source package (i.e. in ../ use 'dget -d...).

4. Build a package, which creates additional (i.e. debian:sid-package_devel)
docker image with installed package's build deps (it is reused while working on
the same package):
$ ./debdocker build debian:sid ../package_*.dsc

5. You can also build extracted (or cloned) sources providing their path instead
of the 'dsc_file'. There is also a possibility to enter containers (see the
'enter' command)...

6. Building an initial 'debdocker' debian package is supported in the project.

thanks, Samo

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