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Bug#925530: cloud.debian.org: Debian docker images pointing to github for bug tracking

On 6/28/20 10:58 PM, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Well, I think that it would a good thing for Debian to enforce some
> consistency on Debian images for clouds and software that require
> VM images, at least about where to find information about such images,
> and where to report problems.
> And I don't think that pointing to github for our tooling, and for bug
> reporting, is really an acceptable solution for something that is
> officially endorsed by Debian.

Official *Docker* images come from

It might be possible to pull git repositories from the outside of git
hub in there, though, but I doubt it is. At least you'll have to use
github pull requests.

Of course you are free to run your own registry even under a debian.org
domain and provide official Debian images for docker there, but as long
as you want to have them in the docker hub, I think the current practice
is just fine. And: its an image from DOCKER, maintained by Debian
developers - its not an image from DEBIAN. It says 'Docker official
images', not 'Debian official images'.

To be honest, I fail to understand why this needs discussion at all.

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