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Re: debdocker - A Debian docker-based personal builder

Hi Mo,

Thanks for the reply and for pointing out other tools. Please see comments
inline and my replies to Jonas and Philipp, who were asking the same questions.

Dne 27.06.2020 (sob) ob 11:52 +0000 je Mo Zhou napisal(a):
> Hi Samo,
> I'm insterested in its differences compared to the following existing
> docker-based builders:
> 1. debocker https://people.debian.org/~tomasz/debocker.html
Not sure how debocker manages docker images and how they may be layered.
Debdocker currently defines the following layers distro:suite-base ->
distro:suite-devel -> distro:suite-package_devel managed via create, update and
build commands.
Not sure, if debocker supports entering prepared containers for manual
manipulation / development / testing of a package or any project.

> 2. whalebuilder https://www.uhoreg.ca/programming/debian/whalebuilder
see my reply to Jonas

> And there is a systemd-nspawn-based builder too:
> 3. debspawn https://github.com/lkorigin/debspawn
see my reply to Jonas

> All the three builders are avaialable in debian sid.

regards, Samo

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