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Re: ratt as a service?


Il 23/03/20 01:33, Sandro Tosi ha scritto:
> So i'm wondering if Debian should offer a service where:
> * a developer (as someone with a gpg key in the debian keyring, at
> least at first) uploads a binary .changes file (so source + binary
> packages, built locally) to a new dput upload queue
> * ratt is executed against that package reverse dependencies
> * when the run is completed, a recap email is sent to the Changed-By
> address with the list of fail/success
> * also a web interface to track the progress of the rebuild & read the
> build logs.

As a maintainer of Boost (hundreds of rev deps, including pretty large
stuff), I would not dislike something like that. For the moment I am
managing to use some scripts of my own to distribute the build on a few
computers, some of which are kindly offered by friends of mine. It is
not an ideal situation.

Giovanni Mascellani <g.mascellani@gmail.com>
Postdoc researcher - Université Libre de Bruxelles

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