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email backend for fedmsg


Ad. https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2016/07/msg00377.html -
fedmsg usage in Debian.

There is a note: "it seems that people actually like parsing emails"

What about adding email backend to fedmsg then. Wouldn't it be an
interesting idea? It could basically rely on postfix for sending
messages, hence providing decentralization as well as high
reliability. I think that amount of events that happen in distribution
(like package update, package build) is never so huge that email
infrastructure wouldn't handle it and also the machine mailing
infrastructure could be optionally be separated from the human one if

So fedmsg would become a tiny wrapper over email that would just
serialize and parse json data to and from email messages and check

I am asking because I like the idea of distribution-independent
infrastructure message bus that this project had.

Btw. instead of json, yaml could be used so it is nicer to human eyes.


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