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trimming changelogs

In the rush for cutting away small bits of minbase, it looks like we forgot
a big pile of junk: /usr/share/doc/

On strict minbase (rather than prio:important which really matters), the
docs take 11MB.  And of that, 8MB are files named changelog.* -- which
fails to include eg. bash's:
112K -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 111K Jan  2  2019 CHANGES.gz
8.0K -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 8.0K May 29  2018 COMPAT.gz
4.0K -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2.9K Feb 17  1999 INTRO.gz
 32K -rw-r--r-- 1 root root  30K Nov 13  2018 NEWS.gz
(INTRO.gz is small, but 1999 advertising is of little use)

Of files named changelog.*, top offenders are:
880997 dpkg:changelog.gz
381250 gpgv:changelog.gz
289255 libgnutls30:changelog.gz
223009 ncurses-bin:changelog.gz
223009 ncurses-base:changelog.gz
223009 libtinfo6:changelog.gz
210621 libc6:changelog.Debian.gz
210621 libc-bin:changelog.Debian.gz
202841 dpkg:changelog.Debian.gz
193825 coreutils:changelog.gz
177117 gcc-9-base:changelog.Debian.gz
176608 gcc-10-base:changelog.Debian.gz
164010 findutils:changelog.gz
147656 tar:changelog.gz
145889 libapt-pkg6.0:changelog.gz
145889 apt:changelog.gz
145271 passwd:changelog.gz
145271 login:changelog.gz
142058 grep:changelog.gz
131424 libp11-kit0:changelog.gz
123812 libgcrypt20:changelog.gz
113533 bash:changelog.gz
103492 libnettle7:changelog.gz
100216 libpcre3:changelog.gz
 93638 libudev1:changelog.Debian.gz
 93638 libsystemd0:changelog.Debian.gz
 63709 perl-base:changelog.Debian.gz
 63670 logsave:changelog.Debian.gz
 63670 libss2:changelog.Debian.gz
 63670 libext2fs2:changelog.Debian.gz
 63670 libcom-err2:changelog.Debian.gz
 63670 e2fsprogs:changelog.Debian.gz
 63284 tar:changelog.1.gz

Seems like a tempting area to trim...

Prior art:
sysvinit does:
        sed -i -ne '/sysvinit (2.93-8)/q' -e p \
(I've just bumped the cut-off from 2.86.ds1-47, in 2007)
which also differs per binary package.

Ubuntu keep only 10 last entries, for _all_ packages.

I consider 10 entries to be too little for a fast moving package ("upload
early, upload often"), but a release-based ("since oldstable"), time-based
("3 years ago") or size-based ("X 4096 filesystem pages after gzipping")
cut-off would work well.

On the other hand, changelogs are valuable.  Unlike some folks on IRC
I wouldn't want to tightly trim all packages.  Unlike minbase or
prio:important, your average 5GB install doesn't care about a few megs
here and there.  Thus: do we want to trim manually or globally?

A global trim would require a lot less work.  A manual trim would allow
managing packages: dpkg is everywhere, dpkg-dev is not.  libsystemd0 is
essential, systemd doesn't belong in containers.  gcc-9-base is included
on tiny installs, gcc-9 on dev boxes and buildds with plenty of space.
Plus, manual trimming would also allow axing old upstream cruft.

Thoughts, folks?

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