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Re: trimming changelogs


Adam Borowski writes:
> Of files named changelog.*, top offenders are:

[ Trimmed list to duplicates ]
> 223009 ncurses-bin:changelog.gz
> 223009 ncurses-base:changelog.gz
> 223009 libtinfo6:changelog.gz

> 210621 libc6:changelog.Debian.gz
> 210621 libc-bin:changelog.Debian.gz

> 145889 libapt-pkg6.0:changelog.gz
> 145889 apt:changelog.gz

> 145271 passwd:changelog.gz
> 145271 login:changelog.gz

>  93638 libudev1:changelog.Debian.gz
>  93638 libsystemd0:changelog.Debian.gz

>  63670 logsave:changelog.Debian.gz
>  63670 libss2:changelog.Debian.gz
>  63670 libext2fs2:changelog.Debian.gz
>  63670 libcom-err2:changelog.Debian.gz
>  63670 e2fsprogs:changelog.Debian.gz

We should probably also not ship the same changelog in multiple
packages, especially when one depends on the other.

> Seems like a tempting area to trim...

I agree it would be fine to trim changelogs a bit; no real opinion on
how much to keep (maybe at most three years or so?).  We certainly don't
need 20 years of changelog in any binary package by default in my

> On the other hand, changelogs are valuable.  Unlike some folks on IRC
> I wouldn't want to tightly trim all packages.  Unlike minbase or
> prio:important, your average 5GB install doesn't care about a few megs
> here and there.  Thus: do we want to trim manually or globally?

Special cases for packages are annoying, so I would just apply the same
policy for all packages (by default).


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