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Re: trimming changelogs

On 20.03.20 00:50, Adam Borowski wrote:

> In the rush for cutting away small bits of minbase [...]
> [trim changelogs]

I don't know man minbase is, so I don't know what you are
talking about.

On a normal desktop/server I'd expect
/usr/share/doc/$PKG/changelog.Debian* to contain the whole history until the
beginning of the universe, since the used disk volume for
that info we're speaking about is not "large" IMO.

I could live with only a part of the changelog being
present there, with a link on the bottom of the file telling
me where to find the rest. This would be less userfriendly
to me but workable.

On whatever kind of "minimal" system I'd expect /usr/share/doc
to contain a README that explains where on the internet to find
the respective doc/$PKG/*.

I'm using the changelog "often". Often in the sense that my
Sysadmin work leads me there time and again to look research


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