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Re: documenting on how not starting a daemon upon installation

On Mar 10, Marvin Renich <mrvn@renich.org> wrote:

> > The modern and simple solution is "systemctl mask", as long as you do 
> > not need to care about the 0.6% of systems which do not use systemd.
> > If you are doing this for your own systems then you obviously know if 
> > you can rely on systemd or not.
> I don't believe this is correct, though I could be wrong.  I believe
Indeed, others have already explained that you are.

> policy-rc.d is sufficient for both systemd and sysvinit systems, and
It is sufficient, but it is also badly documented and a bit annoying to 
The big point in favour of policy-rc.d is that it can be used to prevent 
starting ALL daemons with a single command. OTOH, the systemd method 
will work no matter what the init script or the local administrator do.


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