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Re: documenting on how not starting a daemon upon installation

On Mar 10, jnqnfe@gmail.com wrote:

> If the policy-rc.d solution is the modern/best/whatever solution, the
No. policy-rc.d is the old solution which was implemented because there 
was no better way to implement this with init scripts.
It worked by mandating that maintainer scripts must start and stop 
daemons only by using invoke-rc.d.

The modern and simple solution is "systemctl mask", as long as you do 
not need to care about the 0.6% of systems which do not use systemd.
If you are doing this for your own systems then you obviously know if 
you can rely on systemd or not.

> fact that live-build/debootstrap also includes the 'moving start-stop-
> daemon' trick is either indeed a left over from before systemd (I do
> not know the history of it), or is left to ensure compatibility without
> systemd?
It is needed because some buggy maintainer scripts do/did not use 
invoke-rc.d, so better be safe than sorry.


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