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Re: Is running dpkg-buildpackage manually from the command line forbidden?

On Thu, 2020-01-16 at 08:50 -0800, Daniel Schepler wrote:
> These are where I found that having extra packages installed during
> the dpkg-buildpackage run either failed or resulted in broken
> packages.  (Some examples of the type of thing I mean: #948522,
> #887902.)

If you build outside a controlled environment the set of additional
packages are just a small part of your worries.  There are others such

- more creative solutions to satisfy Build-Depends,
- anything in /usr/local,
- anything in /opt (if PATH or other configuration includes /opt),
- which alternative is active,
- diversions,
- local configuration, including environment variables (PATH,
  variables changing behavior of the Python interpreter, ...),
- modified files,
- local packages that do not exist in Debian's archive, or
- modified packages.

In many cases this will not be a problem, but trying to make any
guarantees that the package building process will still work reliably
seems to be a lost cause to me.

It is fine to ask a maintainer to include some `--disable-something`
flag if this is easy to do and reasonably likely to be a problem, but I
would not expect people to actively spend effort on this.


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